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What Does a Wedding Planner do?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A wedding can take up to 250 hours to plan. That's right, the equivalent of over 6 weeks full time working! It's also likely to be one of your biggest financial investments, so having a professional Wedding Planner by your side to guide you can be invaluable.

Working with a Wedding Planner will give you the reassurance and peace of mind you need in the lead up to one of the biggest days of your life, is guaranteed to save you time and with their wealth of industry knowledge can even save you money.

Wedding Planners sit at the very heart of the wedding industry and are complete experts in their field. Every Wedding Planner has a unique approach and these are just some of the things a wedding planner can do to help you:


A Wedding Planner can helps you determine the budget for your wedding based on what you can afford to spend vs your vision of your dream day. A Wedding Planner can identify what your priorities are and where to allocate your budget most effectively to make the most of your money.


A Wedding Planner can help bring your vision to life. A good Wedding Planner will listen to your wishes, likes, dislikes and loves and design a wedding concept that reflects you as a couple.


One of the personality traits Wedding Planners pride themselves on most is their organisational nature. From their appointment, they will help you map out a planning timeline ensuring every aspect of your wedding day is taken care of.


Venue finding can be overwhelming as there are literally thousands of venues to choose from. A Planner can help you refine the type of venue you're looking for, arrange venue show rounds for you and work with you to find your perfect setting.

Already Booked a Venue?

Some couples book their venue before they appoint a Wedding Planner; this is very common. A Wedding Planner is often appointed once the venue is booked as couples become stumped with what to do next and how to bring everything together.

Once appointed, your Wedding Planner will attend venue visits with you to ensure everything is in order.

Supplier Selection

Your suppliers (or vendors as they're often referred to in other countries) are everyone you appoint to bring your day to life. From florists to entertainment, production to stationery and everything else in between. Working with a Wedding Planner will give you instant access to all of their trusted industry colleagues.

Supplier Management

Your Wedding Planner can manage your suppliers on your behalf once they've been booked, keeping all communication streamlined for you rather than having a long list of people to keep in touch with. Your Wedding Planner can also attend all supplier meetings or attend on your behalf if you wish.

Managing your Stationery Needs

This can include anything from your invitations, orders of service, to place cards for your dining tables. If you decide to opt for paper RSVP's your Wedding Planner can handle those for you.

Alternatively if you go digital with a wedding website they can manage the logistics of this and track RSVP's and pass dietary requirements to your caterer.

Floor Plans and Room Layouts

Wedding Planners are pros at mapping out a room in the best way possible. They have the creative vision to know what will visually look best, whilst ensuring it works from a logistical point of view.

Seating Plan

The wedding breakfast seating allocation can be one of the most stressful things to co-ordinate as a couple. Your Planner can help ease that stress and guide you through allocating your seating accordingly.

Wedding Rehearsal

Whether it's a quick ceremony run-through or a full rehearsal dinner, your Wedding Planner can handle these plans for you to ensure you're prepped and ready for the real thing!


A Wedding Planner will build a full schedule mapping out your wedding day hour by hour, minute by minute. This will help to ensure the logistics of the day run smoothly and all of your suppliers are 'singing from the same song sheet'.

On The Day Support

Alongside managing the timing schedule on the day, your Wedding Planner is there for you on your wedding day for anything you need. They act as a complete support system for your on the day.

They will ensure the set up is smooth, any items that require setting up are in place, your suppliers have a point of contact, the timeline of the day is followed and most importantly your guests are well looked after all day. A Wedding Planner will also use their discreet nature to resole any unexpected hiccups.

Post wedding services

A Wedding Planner can oversee the breakdown of the venue after the wedding, whether it's the same evening or following day. They can also take care of any lost property and assist in transporting your wedding gifts to you, giving you one less thing to have to remember at the end of the evening.

Honeymoon Travel Plans

Believe it or not, most Planners are involved with helping to arrange the logistics of the honeymoon. In the midst of the run up to the big day, it can be a relief to know someone is handling your travel arrangements for you.

Bird Events Wedding Planning Services

Each Wedding Planner has a unique approach to their services and the above are just a taster of what you can experience with Bird Events. We offer a range of services from full planning services to wedding day management.

Further details can be found here, or say hello to receive a copy of our brochure.

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