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Why You Need A Wedding Email Address Right Now

Setting up a wedding email address to keep all of your wedmin in one place is one of the first things we tell our couples to do. As soon as you get engaged, it's time to register a wedding email address and here's why..

1. Stay organised

Now we don't know about you but our personal inboxes are full of the latest ASOS offers and all sorts of other junk, so it would be easy for wedding emails to get lost. When you start wedding planning you're likely to gather a lot of information and brochures in the early stages and when the time comes to start putting deposits down, you don't want anything getting lost!

2. Share the load

Keeping your communication in one central place means you can both have access to it and keep track of your plans together. Most email apps have a calendar feature so use it to schedule your venue visits, wedding fairs and supplier meetings. If others are helping you plan, you can share your email details with your bridal party, parents or wedding planner, without needing to share your personal inbox.

3. Wedmin-free days

Wedding planning free days are essential, for your sanity! It's so easy to let your plans get on top of you and consume your daily thoughts. Having your admin in one place makes it easy to switch off while when you need a break.

4. Communication with your guests

Link your joint email address to your wedding website if you decide to set one up, or note it on your invitations as the RSVP address. Easily send out communication to your guests and file your RSVP's away into a folder ready to hand over to your venue, caterer or planner when the time comes - stress-free!

4. Batch working

Set aside dedicated time to work on your wedding plans - you'll be more productive and it won't get too much for you. Keeping your plans in one place means you can log in only when you need to so you're not tempted to peek in between!

6. Post-wedding admin

You may want to use your joint email address beyond your wedding; whether for your honeymoon plans or your daily lives together. Use it for tracking household bills, joint purchases or future adventures together.

If you're asking yourself if you should hire a wedding planner, check out this post.

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