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Something Old, Something New..

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Wedding traditions and good luck charms have played a part in weddings for hundreds of years. One you may have heard more than most is the Victorian-era rhyme "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in your shoe."

We've been reading up on the meanings of these good luck charms with The Knot, and sharing our best tips on how you can incorporate them into your big day.

Something Old

Historically this was a symbol to ward off the 'Evil Eye' and protect the future family of the married couple. Today's meaning is a little more lighthearted as it symbolises continuity and it's a popular choice to carry something sentimental like a piece of jewellery that has been in the family for a number of generations.

The Wedding Bird Top Tip: Bridal boutiques and tailors often offer a service to incorporate your 'something old' into your wedding dress of suit. It could be a patch of fabric from a piece of clothing or beads from a piece of jewellery from a family member or friend. Speak to your dressmaker or tailor for more information on how they can work (or sew!) this tradition into your wedding day.

Something New

The symbol offering optimism for the future. It's likely you will have lots of new things you have bought for your wedding, most commonly being your wedding dress or shoes.

The Wedding Bird Top Tip: Some couples like to give a gift to each on the morning of their wedding. These gifts are a thoughtful and personal way of having your 'something new' with you on your wedding day.

Something Borrowed

The symbol of good luck. The idea is that an item is borrowed from a happily married family member of friend will bring the couple the same good fortune in their relationship.

The Wedding Bird Top Tip: Often your 'something borrowed' is also your 'something old' and that's perfectly fine, we think it's very resourceful! If you're looking for a new idea, ask your family what they kept as a keepsake from their wedding. The veil is one of the most popular item to keep hold of by brides and cufflinks are commonly treasured by grooms so ask around and see what your family find!

Something Blue

The symbol of love, purity and fidelity. A garter worn beneath the bridal dress is the traditional way to represent the three qualities of a solid marriage. Today there are many inventive ways to have your 'something blue' with you on your special day.

The Wedding Bird Top Tip: Adding a touch of blue in your bridal bouquet or button holes is a great way of incorporating this tradition. Flowers with a sentimental meaning can make it extra special. Alternatively, tune your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Those Manolo Blahnik blue silk embellished shoes were so dreamy!

A Sixpence in your Shoe

Coins have played a part in weddings in many different ways over the years. Traditionally a silver sixpence was slipped into the shoe of the bride by her father as a sign that he wished his daughter prosperity in her marriage.

The Wedding Bird Top Tip: We love the bridal shoes by Charlotte Mills. Set in the sole of the left shoe of every hand crafted pair is an original silver sixpence. A subtle, classic way of keeping tradition in your bridal fashion.

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