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How To Pick Your Wedding Date

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

“When’s the wedding?” is probably the question you’ve been asked the most since you got engaged, or a very close second to your friends and family wanting a detailed account of how your partner popped the question!

These tips will help you narrow down your selection of dates and land you with the perfect wedding date.

A Long or Short Engagement?

There are no set rules about how long your engagement should be. It really can be as long or short as you like but the average engagement is around 14 months, giving you just over a year to plan your big day. The length of your engagement is about what feels right to you. Some couples book their date further in advance, giving extra time to save money and make the most of being engaged while others want to get married straight away and tie the knot as soon as possible.

The length of your engagement will help you confirm which year you'll tie the knot in.

Venue Availability

If you’ve got your perfect wedding venue in mind, this might drive your date selection. Some venues are booked years in advance, so checking their availability may give you an immediate shortlist.

Sentimental Dates

Whether it’s your first date anniversary, the anniversary of your parents or grandparents, the birthday of a family member, or another special memory; there are lots of dates that can be sentimental to different people.

Make a note of these dates as they could be suitable options for your wedding date.

Dreaming of an Outdoor Wedding?

Warm and sunny weather is never guaranteed in any month in the UK, but if you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding you might be swayed by the months that are typically the driest. Although July and August are the warmest months here, they’re often two of the wettest.

Historically, May, June, September and October are the months with the lowest rainfall. For the best chance of a dry day, you may want to pick a date in one of those months. With outdoor weddings it's always good to have a Plan B .... just in case!

Day of the Week

Decide if you prefer a particular day of the week. The most popular day of the week is Saturday, but weekdays and Sunday’s are becoming increasingly popular. Saturday dates often come with a higher price tag, with weekdays being more budget friendly.

Consider travel plans of your guests if you’re booking a venue a long way from where most of your guests live as they’re likely to need to stay at least one night away from home. For those with inflexible working days this can become tricky so bear it in mind.

Consider your Budget

Your wedding budget may affect your choice of date. Typically, the peak wedding season is June – September so you may find venue hire fees are more expensive during these months.

In the winter and spring months, prices are often lower so you may be able to get married at the same venue for up to 50% less than in the peak season!

Checking in the VIP Guests

You don’t want to be checking dates with everyone on your guest list, but it’s best to check your preferred date with any VIP guests (those who you wouldn’t want to get married without them being there). There may be holidays that have been booked, or other weddings they have been invited to, so ensure they’re going to be there for you.

Hopefully by now you've landed on your perfect wedding date, or at least you've narrowed it down to a shortlist. That's one of the trickiest decisions made so well done you!

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