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Our Top Tips for Hosting the Perfect Winter Wedding

The festive season is the most romantic time of the year. this is our ultimate guide to hosting a perfect Christmas wedding.

Find a Winter Wedding Venue

Avoid outdoor ceremony

No marquee


All inside

In one venue

2 venue recs

Save the Date Early

The festive season is busy

Check your Venue Decor

Check their colour scheme, what they put out for xmas

Embrace the Season





Timing is Everything

Sunset in December in the UK is typically around 4pm. If you want to have photos taken outside, you will need to look at taking these before 3pm at the latest before the light starts to fade. An early sunset also has its pros, giving you the possibility of a romantic after-dark ceremony that still allows for a long evening reception.

Wrap Up Warm

When choosing your wedding dress or suit, be mindful of the cooler temperatures Winter can bring. The average temperature in the UK during these months is just 7°C, dropping to 2°C at night so it's important the dress for the season. Your dress or suit fittings may take place in the warmer months which can make it hard for you to remember to layer up! For grooms, try tweed or velvet fabrics; they'll keep you warm and they lookawesome. For brides, try dresses with sleeves and those with a heavier fabric. Faux fur wraps and capes are bang on trend and in addition to the cosy feel, they look fabulous in photographs.

Seasonal Shoes

If your venue has outdoor photo opportunities, choose shoes that can withstand wet weather. This doesn't mean you need to sport a pair of wellies, but perhaps steer clear of strappy stilettos or delicate fabrics like suede or silk. There's no harm in having a second pair of shoes to wear outside, especially if your dress is long as they won't be visible anyway.

Keeping Guests Warm

Ensuring your guests are well looked after is a top priority, no matter the season. At a Winter wedding, keeping them warm is key. From simple touches like blankets to keep cosy to transforming outdoor areas into spaces for guests to toast marshmallows over fire pits. Our favourite way to keep warm is offering late night hot toddies!

Money Saving Tip!

Throughout the festive season, Royal iced Christmas cakes are readily available and they're super affordable. If you're running on a tight budget, or you just want something very classic that your florist can add their touch to, this is a great tip for you.

The Flower Guide

We've created a free Flower Guide to help you understand the flower choices available, seasonal selections, flower meanings and colour palettes. Further details can be found here, or say hello to receive your copy.

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