Sensational and sustainable? Glamorous and green?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Can your wedding flowers have Kim Kardashian glamour with Greta Thunberg ethics?

This seems unobtainable – but is it? Let's explore ....

Sustainability is an important issue for us all and we are now much more aware of the effects our actions can have on the environment. According to Bridebook, nearly 39% of couples considered sustainability when planning their wedding last year. Each of us want to do the best we can to move forward with an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

How does this ethos work when we are planning our wedding?

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For eco-friendly flowers it’s quite easy to achieve a pretty country feel with meadow flowers in milk bottles and home-grown foliage garlands, but is it possible to have glamorous, overflowing, decadent flower decorations whilst keeping sustainability in mind?

Go Seasonal

Using seasonal flowers, from British Growers is a great way forward for a spring or summer wedding. Flowers are abundant, well priced and British peonies and roses are just incredible. If some flowers may have to come from overseas you can ask for sustainable growers to be used. Your florist should have many contacts for British growers.

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No Floral Foam

Floral foam has been a popular florist aid for many years but sadly it’s as bad for the environment as single use plastic and although improvements are being made, it’s biodegradable qualities are very poor. Cleverly chosen vases and urns can be used to create stunning, glamorous and overflowing displays using alternative techniques to floral foam, and luxurious archways can be designed using a structure of wire and re-usable tubes which hold water. Looking at the displays you would never know the difference so be sure to ask your florist about the materials they're using.


There are some very cool ideas incorporating planting into wedding displays. Imagine some wildly planted gardens for your table decoration. An alternative to the traditional table centre and if planted correctly, they can be replanted after your wedding. This is one your guests certainly won't forget!

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Tall Vases

A great eco-friendly option for your ceremony displays are beautiful giant vases. British flowers can be displayed using just water to keep them at their best without the need for floral foam. We love huge vases of super tall delphinium creating a stunning visual for your photographs at the point where you say “I do”


We have mentioned confetti in another post so please have a read but bio-degradable options are readily available. Kiss goodbye to old-fashioned paper confetti and make way for eco-friendly options that look so much better too! From handmade confetti you can create yourself, to working with your florist on fresh confetti.

Aisle Decor

At Bird Events, we love rose petals. There’s nothing quite like it and some scented petals mixed with heads of lavender are incredible so if the venue allows we suggest an aisle edged with masses of rose petals in several tones, scattered with a little lavender and candles (flame- free of course) for a very luxurious feel. Just heavenly!

Table favours

As this is a flowery based blog, we will keep in theme! Tiny pots of planted bulbs, mini rose plants or baby herb pots are all sustainable and a nice keepsake for your guests. There are also some really lovely wild seed bombs which can be beautifully personalised bringing more glamorous presentation to your table. Placing a flower head or sprig of rosemary on each napkin is a stunning alternative touch (to the eye and the nose!) when the guests take their seats at the wedding breakfast.

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Bridal bouquets and buttonholes

Bridal bouquets can be made without any fresh flowers at all using small pieces of jewellery. We made one for one of our lovely brides where each main guest gave a small brooch which we then designed into a very beautiful sparkly bouquet. I know she has this still today as a lovely memory.

What happens after?

What happens to the flowers when the wedding is over? Such a sadness to just throw them away! Although flowers are bio-degradable they could still be enjoyed so why not re-cycle them? You could offer them to your guest to take home or your florist can organise to have them re-purposed.

Bird Events work with Floral Angels, a non-profit charity based at Covent Garden Flower Market. Run by volunteers, left over wedding flowers are made into arrangements that are delivered to those in need within our community such as care homes and hospices. What a lovely thing to do!

So, what's the verdict?

We think you can achieve your inner Kim Kardashian glamour but still in the knowledge that your Greta Thunberg conscience is fully intact. Be clever, ask your florist, and all your other suppliers for that matter, to create a wedding proposal reflective of your wishes – it’s your wedding so feeling good about everything is essential.

We are happy to advise on all the elements of your day and along with our peers are learning more sustainable options every day. Get in touch to chat sensational and sustainable weddings with us!

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